welcome to burra bears

the original collectable shetland teddy bear

I designed and made my original bear in 1997, as a keepsake gift for my sister.

My concept, to recycle an entire handknitted Fair Isle patterned Shetland woollen jumper into a bear, brought such a positive response and demand for more bears, in time gave me a full-time job.



All the other Burra Bears sewn since then have been given the same characteristics of my first bear. It was made by salvaging fabric from a worn out, but unique Shetland jumper.

The beautiful, colourful material; of pure wool fibre grown in the wild, spun, colourfully patterned and lovingly knitted, was recycled and reshaped into an appealing three dimensional body form, a warm and comforting bear.

Nowadays you can still get a hand made unique bear made from your old jumper, just get in touch, but because there are only so many old jumpers a lot of bears are made from new Fair Isle specially knitted in the islands from pure Shetland wool.

Have a look at my bears, now available in three sizes, including the "peerie oolet", specially for bairns.

Alternatively, I now have a range of Burra Bear® cards. Bears are available in a number of shops, or directly from me in Shetland (Burra is an island off the West Mainland of Shetland). Just Contact me.

Thanks for calling,

Wendy Inkster