burra bears, peerie burra bears and peerie olets

There are now three varieties of Burra Bears; the original Burra Bear, Burra Bears Family

the Peerie Burra bear (Peerie means small in Shetland dialect) and the Peerie Oolet (oolet means naughty child - so "peerie oolet" would mean "small brat")

All three bears are made from pure Shetland wool; long famed for its softness, knitted into traditional Fair Isle patterns. Because of the wide variety of patterns and the fact that the bears are hand made no two bears are ever identical.

All the bears are individually named with traditional Shetland names referring to places - "Magnie o'Gord" for instance.Peerie burra BearOolets











Burra Bears and Peerie Burra Bears are dispatched in their own specially designed hessian carrying bag - with a window so they can see out. All bears are sent with a letter asking new owners to write back to Shetland to say where in the world they have their new home


Burra Bears (about 11 inches high) cost £75 plus p/p
Peerie Burra Bears (about 7 inches high) cost £65 plus p/p
Peerie Oolets (about 6 inches) cost £20 plus p/p

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